Now that you’ve booked your model portfolio session you are completely ready for your special day. Right?

Well, not quite …

What do you do about your hair?

Hair Styling Tips for Female Model Photography

Look Your Best by Styling Your Hair to fit Your Facial Features

You can style your hair in many different ways but for your model photography session you’ll want to make sure your hair suits your facial features and will look great in your pictures.

If you wear your hair short for instance, there are many short hair styles for women.

SIDEBAR: I don’t recommend that you have your hair cut at much of a varience before coming to your model portfolio session because most teens and women do not especially like the way their hair looks when they first leave the stylist.

It is best to leave your hair the way you normally wear it with maybe a little variation to enhance your facial features (shown below).

With that said, if you wear your hair long, you can choose from long and frizzed hair styles, wear it curled, layered or braided if you prefer. Just use your imagination and think outside the box. But, keep in mind that you still want to look like yourself in your glamour or fashion photos, not someone else.

The shape of each person’s face is somewhat different. Some women have round faces, some faces are thin, some are angular in shape and some faces have softer features which means that you will want to use the facial features you have to get the most out of your look for your modeling pictures.

I hope the information presented so far has been useful. You might also want to consider the following before strolling off to your model portfolio appointment:

Now for the real nitty gritty. The way you style your hair can help to enhance or take away some of your facial features.

Here are a few hair styling tips to help you decide how to wear your hair for your fashion model session …

For a Rounded Face

You can slim down your round face and make it appear longer by adding a part on the side of your hair. If you are a little overweight or a plus size model this will also make your face look slimmer.

For a Face that is Too Thin

If your face is too thin you can add curls or fullness on each side of the face. This will give your face a wider appearance.

Is your nose a little larger than you would like for your profesional model photos? No problem-just make it smaller!

If you have a large nose and want it to be less noticeable you may want to use a fuller hairstyle or adjust by giving the crown an upswept look. This will take attention away from the nose.

For facial features that have a sharp or angular look

Use lots of curls and waves to dull your chiseled cheeks. Also works well for your nose and jaw if they are too sharp.

Many of today’s top models have a low forehead. Can you make yours lower before going to your photo session?

If you are like the millions of women who have high foreheads, a simple solution is to lower it by brushing your hair in bangs. This will give balance to your face and the appearances of that “model” look.

What if my chin is square or too strong? Now what?

If you have a square chin and want it to be less noticeable you may want to use a fuller hairstyle at the crown. Now your chin will not be the focal point of the photos.

My problem is not a strong chin; it’s a narrow chin. Anything I can do?

Yes, this is easy to correct! Just wear your hair longer and style it with a fuller look at the chin to round out the chin and face.

My model portfolio session is tomorrow! What can I do about my low forehead?

Again, no worries. Just style and create a fullness at the crown and use straight lines so that you lengthen your facial features. You will look absolutely gorgeous in your model pictures!

Just take a good look in the mirror and go over each of these tips for the best results when you go for your modeling portfolio session. You will look better than you could ever imagine and, with George at the camera you will look like a million bucks in your model portfolio will be one you will be proud to show! You’ll have stunning, sexy photos to leave with model agents and potential clients and you can use most of these hair tips in your everyday makeup routine.

If you’ve picked some pointers about hair styles for female model photography that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge about professional hair styling for female photography if you don’t use it.

That’s the latest from the hair styling authorities and George Shea Photography. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level….

I know you will be excited and geared up the night before the model shoot but one final tip is to be sure to get plenty of rest. Go to bed early even if you don’t feel you can sleep. The rest will do you good and you’ll be more refreshed the day of your photo session.