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Category: Models & Fashion

Preparing Your Hair for a Model Portfolio Photo Session

Now that you've booked your model portfolio session you are completely ready for your special day. Right? Well, not quite ... What do you do about your hair? Hair Styling Tips for Female Model Photography Look Your Best by Styling Your Hair to fit Your Facial Features You can style your hair in many different ways but for your model photography session you'll want to make sure your hair suits your facial features and will look great in...

What to wear

Be comfortable! If you can’t move freely or don’t feel confident, choose something different. Being uncomfortable shows in your pictures. ● Let one or two people wear pattern/prints and coordinate the rest of the family members around them ● Choose items with good color, texture & accessories ● Avoid all black and all white ● Coordinate….don’t match ● Let your outfit reflect your personality ● Trendy, preppy and...

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